I am an active researcher examining the role of artificial evolution mechanisms on optimization problems and applications for creating artificial societies.

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I teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, particularly specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, and Programming courses.

My Courses


I have responsibilities with SHARCNET, SOSCIP, CACS/AIC, ACM and CAIAC. I collaborate with industry partners including Cisco and IBM.

Areas of interest

Cultural Algorithms

Population based artificial evolution and general evolutionary computation theory

Sample publications

Multi-Agent Simulations

Modeling artificial human societies
VEP project

Complex Systems

Design of decision support systems, expert systems, etc.

Brief Biography

Dr. Ziad Kobti

I earned my Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2004 from Wayne State University. I am currently a full professor and Director of the School of Computer Science at the University of Windsor. 

Contact information:

Dr. Ziad Kobti
Professor and Director
School of Computer Science
University of Windsor
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
e-mail: kobti@uwindsor.ca
Tel.+1 (519)253-3000 x3792/2990

Latest News

Winter 2017

Looking for students interested in working on various projects. Email me with your information outlining your abilities and interests; I will reply only to those selected.

Fall 2017

I will be on a 6 months sabbatical effective July 1, 2017. During that time I will be available only through email during the months of July, August and December. Otherwise I am generally in my Windsor lab working with my grad students.

Summer 2017

I will not be offering any special grad courses this summer due to my sabbatical travel plans.