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My main research topics include:
- Evolutionary Computation; such as Genetic Algorithms, Cultural Algorithms, Co-Evolution, Multi-Population Cultural Algorithms, and PSO.
- Multi-Agent Simulations: particularly in modeling artificial human societies.
- Decision support systems using intelligent systems and knowledge based data analysis; applications in health care and safety systems.
- Social network analysis using evolutionary computation methods.

If you like to join my research group funding is very competitive and available in the following ways:

1. U of W entrance scholarship (competitive and depends on grades).
2. School of Computer Science entrance scholarship (one time payment of $3K for MSc and $5K for PhD).
3. Additional travel and performance grants are available through CS on a competitive basis.
4. Minimum funding guarantee for a PhD is $4000 / year as RA (additional funding is available only on a competitive and performance basis).
5. No minimum RA is guaranteed for MSc students, though I do provide funding on a competitive and performance basis upon fund availability.
6. Graduate teaching assistantship is available for MSc (x3 terms) and PhD (x7 terms) students; not guaranteed to be offered in the first term of studies although most do get it in their first term - requires a separate application through the CS grad office before the deadline for the term.

Disclaimer: the above information is not guaranteed for its accuracy and subject to change without notice. It is current as of Winter 2017.